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Welcome to Jenna Maries Catering and Deli. Jenna Maries has been established for over 24 years, serving the community in Stamford. Our deli is located on Summer Street in the downtown area of Stamford and our experienced staff strives to provide you with the freshest and tastiest food in town.

Jenna Maries Catering services have been serving the Southern Connecticut area and in particular the city of Stamford for many years. We specialize in delivering the very best in corporate catering all over the area. Jenna Maries catering in Stamford offer a wide range of foods and styles to fit your needs. We serve anything from gourmet sandwiches, salad and dessert packages to delicately crafted hors d'oeuvres or even heart hot buffet style lunches. We can cater to your every need.

Catering in Stamford has never been easier. Please feel free to search through our website. Whether you are interested in ordering some individual sandwiches for you and your colleagues at lunch or are organizing a catered even in Stamford or South Eastern Connecticut, here you will find all the information you need.

Jenna Maries Catering and Deli strive to provide the very best for our customers and have built up a loyal following of clients and fans over the years and continue to expand our popularity in the area of Stamford.

Our Deli provides a wide range of foods and styles for every palate. From a freshly crafted Salad, hearty hot meal or our speciality take away foods, we provide everything you will need and continue to keep you coming back for more with our daily changing menu. You can find more information on all of our catering or deli services on this site, or leave us an inquiry via email fax or telephone.

At Jenna Maries Catering and Deli we deliver to you. Please leave your order via our ordering page, email, fax or telephone and we will deliver our very special food to your workplace.

Minimum Order Amount for Delivery $60.00

10% gratuity added to all deliveries. Minimum $5 gratuity

Opening Hours

Monday 12:00pm-1.30pm

Tuesday 12:00pm-1.30pm

Wednesday 12.00pm-1.30pm

Thursday 12:00pm-1.30pm

Friday 12:00pm-1.30pm

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