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We have a new menu

We now have our new menu live. We have been experienting with the nest of our ingredients and put togather a menu which is full of your favorite things

keep an eye on our specials page everyday as we explore the culinary world for new inspirations and ideas to bring to you.

Check out our arugula pesto on your sandwich. Cheesy peppery pesto which is a beautiful foil for hunk of chicken cutlet or for shaved proscuitto.

Try it, you might just love it!

Naan "o" Mania

"Naan" is the name given for a wide variety of bread in south, west and East Asia. Naan or "Nan" bread can take many forms, these can be found varying from country to country or even between different districts. Naan is traditionally made with wheat, water, leavened with Yeast and incorporates a cooking fat, normally Ghee (a form of clarified Butter). Yogurt and occasionally milk is used in the cooking process.

Here at Jenna Maries, we use the traditional Indian style Naan. After experimenting with different breads, we found that this soft and creamy bread is a perfect foil for our deli sandwiches..and so began Naan "o"mania.

Take a look at our suggested special made on these delicious breads or simply create your own.

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